IPad Wedding

The Globe and Mail has an article about a wedding where one of the bridesmaids attended via an IPad.

The bridesmaid was “walked” down the aisle in the arms of a groomsman who carried the IPad which was using Apple’s FaceTime app.

After the ceremony, the IPad bridesmaid mingle with guests and got all teary-eyed during the speeches.

We will see a virtual wedding ceremony one of these days but in the meantime think of what this means to the disabled or elderly or soldiers fighting in theatre.

Okay everyone take a deep breath and say “I do”.

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About Peter West

I'm retired now. I was a photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and media relations officer for several major Canadian organizations. That's all in the past now. Over the years I was a long-time member and later facilitator of a variety of self-help and men's groups. Now as I age, I've returned to yoga and I am actively working to improve my immediate and long-term health.
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