How To Make A Splash

The video is called The Girl In The Red Dress.

The five-minute video was shot in New York City on a warm summer’s day.

The setup is a girl in a red dress doing yoga posses as a guy with a DSLR shoots photos of her with iconic NYC scenes in the background. The whole photo shoot is recorded on video by a videographer.

Okay the girl is cute as all get out and she’s very very strong in yoga and the video is shot at a professional level (No big camera movements. Looks like a Glidecam was used. Good lighting and the audio is fine.)

Right now just over 9,000 people have viewed the video but I bet it’s going to go viral.

Also (This took awhile to do.) but I found the photographer and the photos. Robert Sturman says he and Meghan Currie met by chance in NYC and five-minutes later shot the video. Here’s a link to Sturman’s website.

So why shoot a video of a pretty girl in a red dress, wearing cowboy boots in New York City?

Publicity of course!

The girl’s name is Meghan Currie and this little video is a great way to get your name out.

A B.C.-based yoga teacher, Ms Currie is also connected to the yoga-behemoth Lululemon and any comments she makes on their site hyperlink back to her own website. Very smart.

There at least (and I’m guessing) 100,000 yoga teachers working full and part time in North America. Most of them are going to make somewhere between $12K to $24K (I’m guess salaries range from a low of $30/ hour to a max of $40/hour for new teachers) in 2012.

A few of the best will make upwards of $50k annually. Let’s say $50/hour x 20 hours/week = $1,000/week X 50 weeks = $50K and one busy schedule (Remember you’ve got to drive yourself to the different studios to teach.) and one sore body which is ageing as we type.

So how do you get out this no-win scenario?

You create a name for yourself in the yoga world. How do you do that? You shoot videos of yourself. You post them online. You spread the word via Facebook.

If you can get over your own shyness you start doing the yoga conference tours. This is going to take you away from home for a week at a time several times a year. It’s not an easy gig.

You keep working and teaching at the smaller studios in town.

Then you start working at the better yoga studios where you can teach 30 or 40 students at a time.

Sooner or later you open your own studio and you hire aspiring young flexible things (and more men please!) to make money for yourself while you go back to India (Meghan I think is there right now. Bet she’s shooting stills and video so she can post the images when she’s back in Canada.) I might have avoided giggly on the beach video but then again I’m not 20 and will never be again.

So where to start? Read the E-Myth by Gerber to get a glimpse of your possible future.

About Peter West

I am currently running a blogging and social media service for clients across the GTA. As a former photojournalist, newspaper and magazine editor and media relations officer for several major Canadian organizations I know how to write copy that brings in sales. I currently a long-time member of Toastmasters International and an active Amateur Radio (Ham) operator here in Canada.
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